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"Taking Care of Those Who Took Care of Us"

You can tell a lot about a society by the way they care for their seniors and elderly. The vast majority of seniors are plummeted into poverty once they retire. After decades of working hard, providing for their families, raising children and grandchildren, they deserve to be taken care of in their twilight years.

Social security has not been properly managed in decades. We deduct Medicare premiums from their Social Security checks! They already spent decades paying into Social Security and Medicare. It’s their money. We should not be charging them for the privilege of using Medicare which they have already paid for over their decades of working.

We need to provide more access to health care products and service for our seniors. They deserve the very best. Social Security and Medicare are not government handouts. Our seniors have spent decades investing their hard-earned money into these programs on the promise that the money would be there for them. They put their faith and trust in us and we cannot fail them now.

I have a plan to tackle this abomination of theft. My plan will not only make Medicare sustainable, but also provide a pathway to make Medicare premium-free within 10 years so our honored seniors will no longer be charged premiums. It will also ensure that Medicare will be around for centuries, not just a few years or decades. Investing in our seniors is investing in our future. After all, God willing, every one of us will be seniors one day. Protecting Social Security and Medicare today means protecting Social Security and Medicare for you, your children, and for future generations to come.

My plan is ready to be introduced on Day One. Sending me to Washington is sending a champion to fight for our seniors!