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Reopening Shuttered Schools

"Second Chance Schools"

There are 5 Chicago Schools in our district that have been "shuttered" (meaning closed) in recent years. 

  • Kate S. Buckingham School in Calumet Heights (vacant). 
  • Daniel H. Burnham School in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood (vacant). 
  • Alfred D. Kohn School in the Roseland neighborhood (vacant). 
  • Lawrence Elementary School in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood (vacant).
  • Hawkins Middle School and High Schools in the Riverdale neighborhood (vacant).

There is one school right outside IL-02, but serves some children in IL-02:

  • Fiske Elementary School in Woodlawn neighborhood (vacant).

There were 1460 children affected by these schools closing.  Of the children affected, 98.58% were Black, 0.88% were Hispanic, none were white, and 0.54% are other races or multiracial.

These schools are in poor areas of the district. The most egregious part is that these schools are in neighborhoods where 98.6% or more of the student body are African-American. These children NEED their schools. I am looking into what can be done to reopen these schools, but with the Educating For Success plan to ensure that these children have a fighting chance at success!