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Race & Urban Issues

"United In Our Diversity"

One of the greatest assets we have in our country, and in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District, is our vast diversity. The United States is often referred to as a "Melting Pot". Yet, we are still plagued with the "horrors" of our past. Race has been used as a tool to divide us for far too long. It's time for us to come together and unite as one nation, one state, one district, one community. We have so much more in common with each other, than we have differences. We just need to look for that common ground.

The plight of the black and brown members of our communities have been much more challenging over the past 100 years. There have been policies put in place to segregate our fellow citizens, then they were given society's leftovers when it came to jobs, schools, and medical services. Many of our African-American brothers and sisters are still in bondage, but a very different bondage than the obvious chains of slavery. This modern bondage is rooted in segregation and poverty. Some call it the "concrete plantation". I call it "the prison of poverty". Either way, being stuck in urban areas with failing schools, few to no employment opportunities, rotting and crumbling infrastructure, and inadequate medical services is not what freedom is supposed to look like.

Chicago's south side and southern suburbs have been ignored for far too long. As crime, drugs, gang activity, and violence continues to climb, innocent people are being caught in the cross hairs and falling through the cracks.

It is my personal dream to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream finally come to fruition. Skin color is as insignificant as hair color, eye color, height, weight, gender, or disability. None of these things tell us about the person, the soul living inside the body. The body is nothing more than a vessel for the soul. We all need to look deeper than the skin to know the true character of the person. The problem is how do we get people to look deeper into the true character of their fellow citizens?

I am committed to presenting policies that will help to erase those color lines, break down those barriers, and herald in a new era of brotherhood for all Americans of every color and shade. I have a policy, Label-Free Bill, ready to be introduced on Day One to turn the page on this faulty mindset of division.

But, it does not stop there! By revolutionizing health care and education, we revitalize our forgotten south side. The citizens on the south side will finally have access to state-of-the-art healthcare, without the stigma of being "poor", through The Freedom Health Plan. Our south side children will have an educational system perfectly tailored to their individual needs and designed to guarantee that we are Educating For Success! These plans are already written and ready to be introduced on Day One. In addition, Criminal Justice Reform, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, investments in Agriculture and Infrastructure will not merely lift people out of poverty; it will propel them out of poverty!

I have a number of initiatives that I am currently working on to bring jobs flooding to Illinois' 2nd Congressional District. I am also open to any and all ideas that YOU may have. Every moment I am not working to get support to push my solutions through to improve your lives, I will be working with businesses to get high paying jobs into our precious district.

With your help and your vote, we can make Dr. King's dream a reality and bring to life those immortal words enshrined in our Declaration of Independence "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal"!

One of the issues plaguing the African-American community, especially on the south side of Chicago (as well as most urban areas throughout the country) is the absence of fathers and the absence of family stability. The statistics are overwhelming in the effects this problem has on children of every race. But, the prevalence of this problem among urban African-Americans is epidemic! It looks like there has been a war on the African-American family. That war needs to end NOW! We have an obligation to fix this.

Fixing the broken criminal justice system (including drug laws), health care system, and education system starts the process of reversing this attack on the African-American family. Bringing high-paying, entry-level jobs back into our district will incentivize stable, legitimate employment capable of supporting the African-American family and lifting our brothers are sisters out of poverty. Expanding mentoring programs provide the emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual guidance and support that children from single-parent homes need. That is only the beginning.

We need to rebuild the African-American family, so our African-American children can be better positioned for success tomorrow. Mothers are crucial. Fathers are crucial. Raising a child without one of those critical ingredients makes raising a healthy, happy, successful adult nearly impossible. Of course there are always exceptions to the general rule, but they are not the norm. I am working with agencies, programs, and communities to ensure that our children have a fighting chance at success and prosperity.

My dream is to have families of all races healthy, strong, stable, and prosperous, regardless of race. I dream of a day when all of our children grow up with the security that they have the power to dream big, with the knowledge and security that they CAN turn their dreams into reality.