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Precinct Committeeperson


  • A geographical area that consists of 200 - 1300 registered voters.
  • Hierarchy of governmental systems:
    • State (i.e., Illinois)
    • County (i.e., Cook County)
    • Township / Ward (i.e., Thornton Township)
    • Precinct (i.e., Precinct 36)
  • Each major party can have 1 Ward/Precinct Committeeperson per precinct. However, you can recruit volunteers to assist in that ward/precinct.


  • United States citizen
  • Registered Voter
  • Resident of that Ward or Precinct from which you seek to represent

  • Ward Committeeperson:  4 years
  • Precinct Committeeperson: 2 years

  • RECRUIT ward/precinct volunteers and assign specific blocks (or areas) to them for door-to-door and telephone work.
  • RECRUIT poll watchers for each voting location in your ward/precinct.
  • RECRUIT/APPOINT Election Judges for your local polling locations (Election Judges are not "law" judges. They are regular people who run the polling place on election day.).
  • REGISTER VOTERS:  Have Registration Forms available in your ward/precinct.  Regularly check for newly moved-in voters and for families who will have members turning 18 years of age before the next election.
  • MAINTAIN UP-TO-DATE VOTER RECORDS of the current residents in your ward/precinct, including party affiliation (Democrat, Republican, Independent), phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles (if possible, share with the candidates and party).
  • DISTRIBUTE election information and candidate literature to the voters in your ward/precinct.
  • DISTRIBUTE yard signs (provided by candidates and the Republican Party) to interested voters and throughout the ward/precinct.
  • CIRCULATE PETITIONS for Republican candidates to get on the ballot.  Check with the Chairperson of your county Republican Party for the dates to circulate petitions.
  • Be a POLL WATCHER on election day.
  • ATTEND Township/Ward (held monthly) and County (held monthly) Republican meetings.  Advised to attend some State Republican meetings (held monthly).
  • ATTEND Party Events (i.e., Lincoln Day Dinners).

  • Monthly or Weekly email "Newsletter" that gives election updates, events that candidates will be attending (especially if they are speaking or hosting).
  • Host a town hall or meet-and-greet for the candidates (can be virtual).
  • 1 month before a Primary Election:  Distribute a sheet of Republicans on the ballot for the primary (include name, website, social media links, email addresses of candidates).  This lets the voters know who to research, where to find more information about the candidate and how to contact them with specific questions.
  • 1 month before a General Election:  Distribute a slate of Republican Candidates, along with literature about each candidate, possibly throw in your personal endorsement of each candidate.
  • 1 week before the General Election:  Remind every voter when Election Day is, voting locations, voting hours, your phone number in case they need assistance getting to the polls, etc.
  • Election Day:  Have your volunteers out knocking on the door of every Republican voter to make sure they get out to vote, while you are a POLL WATCHER, ensuring election integrity.

  • These are volunteer positions

  • As little or as much as you want, depending on your ability.
  • Highly advised minimum commitment:
    • 6 hours/month to attend 2 meetings (1 Township/Ward & 1 County), only 1-2 hours each + commute time.  (72 hrs/yr)
    • 2 - 4 hours to circulate petitions for candidates, 1 - 2 times per year.  (2 - 8 hrs/yr)
    • 2 - 3 days per year to be a poll watcher on election days.  (24 - 36 hrs/yr)
    • 1 - 5 hours per week to walk the ward/precinct to update your voter list, register voters, and hand out literature (about the party and/or candidates).  (52 - 260 hrs/yr)
    • TOTAL:  150 - 376 hours per year (3 - 7.5 hours per week).
    • If you have 1 - 2 volunteers, this time commitment would be divided between the group.

  • Take a friend with you.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet)
  • Once you get the hang of it, you will probably enjoy it.  You get to make new friends!

  • Endorse your candidates!  Your neighbors will come to trust you and trust YOUR opinion!
  • Introduce yourself as the "Republican Ward/Precinct Committeeman (Committeewoman)" or just as "Your Ward/Precinct Committeeman (Committeewoman)".  You have a title; USE IT!  It shows that you are not just a stranger, but a trusted leader in the community who is providing a valuable public service because you are an official.
  • Be prepared to take notes about the voters' concerns so you can forward them on to the elected officials, party officials, and/or the candidates.  You are the pipeline between the voter and the party, making sure issues and concerns are handled by the right people in a timely manner.
  • Collect donations for the candidates and party.  This can be done using your tablet or smartphone in most areas.  Bring up the candidate's website donation page and let the donor put in his or her information.
  • Collect donations for the party (National, State, County, or Township) via a tablet or smartphone, or by taking cash donation (keep a separate envelope for each party group (National, State, County, Township).
  • Talk to other Ward/Precinct Committeepersons at your meetings to come up with new ideas to engage your local voters and build that report.
  • REMEMBER:  They trust YOU, so they will trust the candidates YOU trust.  YOU ARE affecting the election!  You ARE the ELECTION!

Be positive, upbeat, cordial, sympathetic, respectful, and inclusive!