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Parental Supervision of Education

Most parents know the heartbreak of having a child that is being bullied at school. Bullying is something that plagues our schools. Children have a very difficult time with the rapid changes in their bodies and minds. Add in a rapidly changing society and you have a bunch of confused children trying to alleviate their own insecurities by bullying others. It is almost impossible to prevent bullying 100%, but we can help to crack down on it. One such method is to incorporate parents into the classroom.

Most parents can’t physically be in the classroom. But, we can give parents the tools to keep an eye on their children. With the Educating For Success bill, our children will spend the majority of their school day in one classroom, rather than changing classrooms 7 – 12 times a day. This would allow for us to install closed-circuit security cameras in the classroom. Only 2-4 cameras would be needed per classroom.

The parents would be given a security code to login from a computer, tablet, or smartphone to check on their child(ren) in a particular classroom. The parent would be able to access the video footage to verify is his or her child is doing okay in class. This also provides a way for parents, teachers, and administrators to know what really happened when an allegation is made against a student and/or teacher.

The mere presence of security cameras have been known to change human behavior for the better because people tend to behavior better towards each other when they know someone is watching or is likely to be watching. But, in those cases where something bad happens, we have the evidence to make sure justice is served, whether it’s a detention, or even requiring the involvement of law enforcement.

Each parent would be given a unique code that only that parent has and it would only give that parent access to the classroom(s) his or her child(ren) is(are) in. The parent would not be able to access classrooms that the parent does not have a child in. This keeps it private to just those connected to that particular classroom.

Financially, the cost for the closed-circuit system is nominal when compared to the typical school budget. And it’s not something that needs to be replaced every year. The bulk of the cost would be for the cameras and installation. The cost would be around $100 per classroom, or approximately $2 per child. The typical classroom spends more than that on pencils per years!