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News Media

"Just the Facts, Please"

Freedom of the press is a First Amendment Right and must be protected! With great freedom comes great responsibility. As I was growing up, news anchors and journalists would present the facts and only the facts, taking extra precaution NOT to interject their own opinions into the story. Opinion anchors and journalists had the rest of the television programming, the newspaper, and the radio broadcasts. News was a break from opinions. It was a place where you could get the facts and nothing but the facts.

You would be hard pressed to find any news reporter or anchor who doesn't wrap every story in his or her own personal opinion. Many are disheartened at this level of unprofessional behavior. Americans just don't trust news reporters and anchors anymore. Many Americans view them as unreliable as the supermarket tabloids.

We can't protect and preserve the freedom of the press if we do not believe in news reporters and anchors. We must be able to trust our news reporters and anchors. It is integral to maintaining a free press and so vital to a free society.

It's time to bring integrity and professionalism back into news reporting! It's time for news reporters to earn back our respect and trust. Most people are afraid to touch this topic because any government intrusion into the press appears to be violating the First Amendment. The skill of a great problem-solver is balancing everyone's interests, without even smudging anyone's rights. I have already struck that delicate balance and have the News Integrity Bill ready to be introduced on Day One.  


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News Integrity Bill 

Slander & Libel Laws