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Jobs & the Economy

"Investment In Our Communities = Investment In Our Future"

Employment opportunities are critical to every community. Unemployment affects much more than just your ability to pay your bills. When unemployment goes up, crime and domestic violence goes up. Unemployment endangers the family and the community as a whole.

Chicago’s south side has been ignored for decades. My beloved district needs some serious attention when it comes to jobs and the economy. As your Congresswoman, I am committed to bringing an infusion of great paying jobs to my district. District 2 used to be a thriving manufacturing district. I am committed to bringing manufacturing back. I am also working to bring more customer service work into my district.

I have policy initiatives drawn up and ready to be introduced into Congress on Day One. These policies will raise wages and salaries for the majority of my constituents who are already employed. One of the many reasons I do not support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, is because it simply is not sufficient for my constituents. I want MORE for YOU! My policies will raise wages higher than that, but without costing businesses or the government anything.

We will get wages and salaries headed in an upward trajectory, infuse our district with quality employment opportunities, and lift everyone up. It's time to stop merely surviving and to start thriving! It’s time to invest in Chicago’s south side and southern suburbs!