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"E Pluribus Unum"

Out of Many, One

Our motto on the Great Seal of the United States is "E Pluribus Unum" which is translated as "out of many, one". It means that out of many states, we have come together as one nation united. It also shows how the ancestry of our citizens come from every nation in the world, but we have blended into a united society. We have over 242 years of experience uniting the world. We are united because we understand that what we have in common outweighs the things that divide us. Sharing that mission of unity with the world is what makes immigration so beautiful!

Immigration is one of the finest, and most unique, qualities of American life! Our history is rich with the migration of peoples from all over the world coming here and blending into one great, rich, diverse society! We are so lucky to have inherited such a mosaic of cultures, right here in our own backyards. Our generosity to welcome more and more people every year is a testament to our open hearts.

Our quest to continue to bring together diverse people cannot be overshadowed by ignorance. We need to also acknowledge that not every person who wishes to come here is as welcoming and compassionate as we are. To protect our great diverse population, we have laws that are designed to allow freedom-loving people to enter, while protecting us from those who wish to destroy our nation and our beloved freedoms.

Make no mistake about it, most immigrants love America and want to be a part of our diverse communities. But, we have a duty to protect our citizens and our legal immigrants from potential harm. Gangs, rapists, and murderers do not contribute to our communities. They must be vetted and kept out. I am committed to protecting my constituents from harm, whether foreign or domestic.

Our immigration system is broken. The process is long and tedious. I am committed to working feverishly to simplify the process, streamline the process so people do not have to wait years to get the “okay” to enter. I am open to any and all ideas that you would like to present to me or my campaign. We are committed to keeping our diverse communities safe and growing.

Many argue over the amount of “illegal” immigrants we have in our country and what to do with them. I support a pathway to citizenship that is fair to the “illegal” immigrant and the American citizens. I am willing to work with the “illegal” immigrants in my district to help them complete the steps needed to apply for citizenship. We don’t have to deport all of them. Nor do we have to give them a free pass. Neither of those solutions is fair. We can find a fair solution so that we all benefit.

Together, we can protect our citizens and be a welcoming beacon of hope, liberty, and freedom for the world.


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