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Housing In Washington, D.C.
"My only home is Illinois"

After reviewing many options, I have decided to join the Couch Caucus in Washington, D.C. The "Couch Caucus" refers to the members of Congress that sleep in their offices rather than paying for an apartment. Here are my reasons for joining the "Couch Caucus" and NOT getting an apartment in D.C.:

  • The average rent (even for a tiny apartment) in D.C. would cost $2000 per month. Based on the Congressional Calendar for the House of Representatives, I would spend 131 nights in Washington, D.C., with one month (August) spending 0 nights in Washington, D.C. Since I expect to be working 12 – 16 hours per day, I would only be in the apartment for 6 – 8 hours per night. This means I would pay $2,000 per month for an apartment that I would physically be in for only 77 hours per month (3 days, 5 hours). And 90% of that time would be sleeping. That’s more than my mortgage payment here in IL!
  • By not spending $24,000 per year in rent (we haven't even calculated utilities), I can use that money to reinvest in IL-02, helping people who need a hand up.  That's a much better use for that money.
  • If I get an apartment in Washington, D.C., I will have to commute to and from the apartment. Traffic is a nightmare in D.C. Even if my commute is a mere 30 minutes each way, that’s an hour a day of wasted time that I could spend working FOR YOU. I want to maximize my time in D.C. working, not wasting precious time commuting.
  • D.C. is NOT my home; Illinois is. My family will not be joining me in D.C. except on rare occasions, such as my swearing in. During those rare occasions when my family is in D.C. with me, we will get a hotel room and I will stay in the hotel with my family. I am not putting down any roots in D.C. because I will not make a career out of being in Congress. I will be there to represent you and get problems solved. When I have completed my tasks, I will finish out my term and pass the baton to someone else. With my commitment to limit my service to no more than 10 years, there is no need for me to establish a “second home”.