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Health Care

"Fewer Rules, More Choices, Better Care"

In recent decades, health care costs have skyrocketed. Every attempt to solve the health care crisis has resulted in costs exploding, while premiums soar higher than mortgage payments. Health care has become unaffordable for the middle class.

I have a health care plan that will dramatically reduce health care costs to a market sustainable level, while putting hundreds of dollars per month back in your pocket. It will also save businesses a lot of money, making it possible for businesses to expand and employ more workers. You will no longer have to change anything about your health coverage when you change jobs or your employment status changes. Providers will no longer be able to tell whether you are a Medicaid recipient or not, reducing discrimination in health care. My plan increases the quality of healthcare for EVERYONE, while eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse. We will even ensure the solvency of Medicare, while reducing and eventually eliminating the Medicare premiums for our elderly until their Medicare is FREE.

It is my mission to take care of everyone – children, adults, our elderly, our disabled, and my high risk constituents. Real solutions, tailored to your needs.

My plan is ready to be introduced on Day One. Together, we can create a better health care system, centered on FREEDOM.


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What Is Wrong With Health Care? 

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Freedom Health Bill


Birth Mother Protection Bill

FDA Reform