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English As America's Official Language

"Unity Through Speech"

A society can succeed only if the individuals in the society are able to communicate effectively. When a society is operating with multiple languages, the society’s ability to communicate and share information is severely hampered. Imagine a person sees that a second person is in danger and wants to warn the person. If those two people speak different languages, neither understanding the other’s language, the message of “Watch out” will not be understood.

The same thing happens when multiple people are working on a job site, trying to complete a project. If they speak different languages, it will be difficult to complete the project in a timely manner. This affects the company they are working for and their customer(s). Money is wasted on this additional time added to the project and everyone ends up frustrated.

The smooth operation of any society, whether on the micro-level (home) or the macro-level (business, government, society as a whole), depends on the effective communication skills of the various members of that society. Having multiple languages hinders progress in any society. Having a uniform language, spoken and understood by all, provides a barrier-free, more united society.

There are 291,484,482 people in the United States aged 5 and older, as of October 2013.[1] Of those, 25,148,900 speak English less than “Very Well”.[1] This means that 262,335,582 speak English “Very Well”, or 91.38% of the population in the United States speaks English “Very Well”. English is the dominant language in the United States, by a very wide margin. The Census Bureau also states that “most governmental functions are in English.”[2]

For the smooth operation of our nation, it is in everyone’s best interest that we are all using English for all public uses. Some exceptions would be available for culture-specific enterprises, such as restaurants, where speaking in a different language is germane to the cultural experience.

This bill in no way limits the use of other languages in private conversations. It only applies to public services, such as government and public functions. It also provides a smoother assimilation process for immigrants who wish to make the United States their home. The sooner they learn English, the easier life will be for them in the United States and the more prosperous they will become in the United States.


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[2] United States Census Bureau, Language Use,, accessed December 15, 2018.