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Birth Mother Protection Bill

"The Freedom to Choose Adoption"

Hundreds of thousands of women each year face the reality of an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. These women are often in difficult economic situations, leading them to view abortion as the only viable option. We, as Americans, as humans, have a vested interest in the lives of these precious babies. We have a responsibility to these women and their unborn children.

Therefore, we must ensure that any woman facing the decision to abort a pregnancy, be given the option of adoption services AND free healthcare during the entire pregnancy, hospitalization, labor, delivery, postpartum care (up to 12 months after childbirth), free birth control (up to 12 months after childbirth). We must also provide legal counsel and mental health counseling during this time period so the birth mother can make the best choices for her and her unborn child, without being exploited.

This program, Birth Mother Protection Act, will be funded through the Department of Health & Human Services. Services will be provided directly to the birth mother and payment will be made directly to the provider of these services, not to the birth mother. If the birth mother was already a recipient of government services prior to the pregnancy, she cannot be dropped from any program during the pregnancy.

The goal of this bill is to eliminate the financial burdens of the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and allow her the freedom to choose adoption without any adverse financial effects.