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Theresa Raborn grew up in Kankakee County. As a child of divorced parents, her mother raised her with a strong Christian faith and deep appreciation for family, including extended family. At age 11, her mom married a man who had been a father to Theresa for four years. But don’t call him Theresa’s “step” dad; he’s her DAD in every sense except DNA. Theresa has five older brothers (two half, three “step”). Four of them have served in the United States military.

Theresa has a Bachelors in Criminal Justice from Governors State University (University Park, IL – 2005). She attended law school in Michigan and has diplomas from two technical schools (1. Paralegal studies, 2. Recording, Engineering, and Production).

She has worked in many different fields. Some of the jobs she has worked include:

In 2008, she married her husband, Rick, and they are blessed with three beautiful daughters. Hannah is the oldest. Hayley and Holly are identical twins, who started life in the NICU after being born 7 weeks early.

To be an at-home mom, Theresa started a licensed home daycare only five weeks after the oldest was born. She had to close her business two short years later due to the high-risk twin pregnancy. From that point, Theresa has been an at-home, home schooling mom.

Although she has always been interested in politics and current events, it never occurred to her to run for office. For years she was disappointed in “politicians” who never keep their promises and seem to forget their constituents as soon as they enter office. She kept wondering why “regular” people don’t step up. Then our nation started a turn towards socialism. Like any mother, she decided that if no one else is going to take on the corrupt politicians and clean up our government, she would have to do it.

During her 2020 Congressional run, she learned a lot about the griminess or politics. She saw how it is rigged against the “regular” person and what needs to be done to restore power back to “the people.” She is committed to providing common-sense solutions to our domestic problems, while always being focused on children and families.

Among Theresa’s hobbies are cooking, sewing, quilting, gardening, reading, building, watching documentaries, studying the Bible, studying history and the law, solving problems, and meeting new people.  



Campaign Videos

Why I Homeschool My Children

My first public speech since deciding to run for Congress.  (Speech given in 2019)

WTTW Voter Guide

January 24, 2020

WTTW invited me to record a video for their Voter Guide.

Systemic Racism in Property Taxes

Does systemic racism exist?  Does race play a part in our Cook County property taxes?  The evidence may surprise you.

Systemic Racism and Education

Does systemic racism exist? Does race play a part in our education system in Cook County? The evidence may surprise you.